Open your garden

Open your garden

The National Garden Scheme gives visitors unique access to over 3,500 exceptional private gardens in England and Wales, and raises impressive amounts of money for nursing and health charities through admissions, teas and cake. 

Thanks to the generosity of garden owners, volunteers and visitors we have donated a total of £55 million to nursing and health charities, and made a record annual donation of £3.1 million in 2018. Our beneficiaries include Macmillan Cancer Support, Marie Curie, Hospice UK and The Queen’s Nursing Institute.

By opening your garden, you’re not only giving people a great day out – you’re also raising money to help those in need. What’s more, you are joining a community of thousands of other like minded garden owners, all passionate about great gardens and raising money for great causes.


Is my garden worth visiting?

If you’re passionate about your garden and your friends and family tell you how lovely it is, then it’s very likely other people will want to visit your garden too.
Open your garden

What’s expected?

Opening your garden to the public may seem daunting at first, but our garden owners find it a very enjoyable experience, and continue to open their gardens year after year.

You can decide to open once a year, although many owners find twice a year is ideal, especially to show the garden in a different season. Some of our dedicated garden owners like to open in spring, summer and autumn. It’s completely up to you.

Whether your garden is big or small, if you think it has quality, character and interest, why not share your love of it whilst helping us raise vital funds? Our helpful and friendly volunteers all over England and Wales are here to support you.

Open your garden

A great experience

“Every bit of effort was worth it.  Garden visitors are almost universally friendly, positive, funny, quirky and interesting.  There was a wonderful mix of neighbours, locals, as well as visitors from all over the UK and abroad.  We also had a number of people turn up who had lived in the property back in the 1940s who brought photos and letters relating to the house. The whole experience was just great and we raised just over £4,500.  People were so generous with their support and their comments.” Simon Cain, Garden Owner, Hurdley Hall, Powys

Open your garden

Want to find out more?


Call 01483 211 535 to speak to one of our team

Or contact your local volunteer team who will be able to answer your questions. A member of the volunteer team will visit you and your garden at the time of year you would plan to open for the National Garden Scheme.


Open your garden

Matched funding

Matched funding can be a brilliant way in which to increase revenue from garden openings. It can be secured relatively easily – just by filling in a form and giving our registered charity number. Matched funding works on the principle that a company/organisation gives a donation to ‘match’ the funds raised for charity at an event, making a donation go twice as far.

To find out more visit our matched funding page