Gardens and health beneficiaries

Gardens and health beneficiaries


In 2019, the National Garden Scheme gave £245,000 of the total £3 million charitable donations to gardens and health-related projects run by charities including Treloar’s, Horatio’s Garden and KIDS.
Isabel enjoying outdoor learning at Treloar’s in Hampshire

Treloar’s is the UK’s leading centre for severely disabled children and young people.  Around 170 children and young people, aged between 2 and 25 years, attend the School and College. The focus is on students’ abilities rather than their disabilities and helping them to work towards a future that is as independent as possible.

The National Garden Scheme has donated £85,000 to Treloar’s to help fund an incredible new Outdoor Learning Centre which will complement other onsite outdoor learning facilities and offer more vocational learning opportunities and therapeutic benefits for students, like Isabel.

Isabel’s story written by her class teacher Katherine.

Isabel is a beautiful young teenager who attends Treloar School.  She has cerebral palsy, is registered blind and has language and social communication difficulties which are significantly affected by her visual impairment.  One thing Isabel absolutely loves is to be outside – as she goes outside she will take a big breath of fresh air as if she is tasting it; she then squeezes her arms into her chest and says how lovely it feels to have the fresh air and breeze on her face. She loves to hear the birds singing, the sound of plants rustling and the running water from the water feature.

Isabel has recently enjoyed planting spring bulbs. When they flower, she will be able to locate them using her sense of smell, as they were planted near some rosemary and thyme.  Staff work with Isabel to describe the environment and what plants, people and wildlife are around her and the overall sensory experience brings much excitement and opportunity for her.

Isabel is just one of the 170 students at Treloar’s who will benefit from a myriad of new and exciting learning opportunities that will be provided through their incredible new Horticulture and Outdoor Learning Centre.  All at the charity are incredibly grateful to National Garden Scheme for supporting the appeal and turning this Centre into a reality for students like Isabel.

Malachy. who has directly benefited from support from KIDS

KIDS supports 15,000 disabled children, young people and their families every year by delivering over 120 services throughout England. KIDS has been transforming the lives of disabled children for nearly 50 years, being there from birth through to early adulthood.

The £85,000 donation from the National Garden Scheme will help make their gardens more inclusive for disabled children, helping them engage in nature and providing them with play and development opportunities, which they often miss out on. Read how KIDS have helped Malachy in his early childhood.

Malachy’s story written by mum, Danielle

It was when Malachy was a year old that we realised that there was a problem. He stopped hitting milestones, he didn’t speak, acknowledge other children or adults, he was head-butting walls and chewing on things he shouldn’t – wood, stones, the skirting boards.

We now know that Malachy has autism. His condition means he struggles to communicate, with us; with everyone. As his parents we could see how hard he was finding it to understand the world around him. We were desperate to find him help and support quickly, as we knew that support now, whilst he is still so young, can give him the very best chance of a brighter future.

Malachy is three now, and it’s been almost exactly a year since he started at his KIDS nursery. He’s starting to say a few words: mum, dad, nan – as you can imagine this means a huge amount to us. Malachy also has a friend, Joseph; this friendship gives me hope that Malachy has a happy future ahead: one where he is not alone and can enjoy the relationships that join us to our families, friends and communities.

KIDS gives Malachy a feeling of independence in a completely safe environment. He is less isolated, less “different” and is happy. We could not ask for more.


Horatio’s Garden creates and cares for beautiful accessible gardens in NHS spinal injury centres.

The National Garden Scheme has been supporting Horatio’s Garden since 2015 and has donated a total of £255,000 (£75,000 in 2019) to help develop incredible sanctuaries in all 11 spinal injury centres across the UK.

With support from the National Garden Scheme, two gardens have or are due to open to patients in Buckinghamshire and Shropshire. Building work has been completed on a beautiful garden for patients at the National Spinal Injuries Centre at Stoke Mandeville Hospital, which has been designed by Joe Swift and opened in September 2018. The National Garden Scheme has also helped fund a further development at the Midland Centre for Spinal Injury in Oswestry, which is due to open in Spring 2019 and has committed funding to ensure the completion of all eleven gardens at NHS spinal injury centres across the country.