Your questions answered

Your questions answered

After providing for those closest to you, leaving a charitable gift is a very personal way to ensure the things that matter most to you live on, while inspiring  your family and friends with the values or causes you hold most dear.

What kind of gift can I leave?
There are two main ways people choose to support the National Garden Scheme. The first is a fixed sum of money and the second is a share of your estate after all other payments have been made. Many people prefer the latter as it means the gift will remain proportional with the rest of their estate over time.

Is one type of gift in a will better than the other?
We are very grateful for the generosity of everyone who remembers us in their will, regardless of the type or size of gift they leave. The most important thing is that the gift is right for you, and fits with your broader plans.

Will I have to pay Inheritance Tax on a gift to the National Garden Scheme?
Most charitable gifts are free of Inheritance Tax. In some instances, leaving a gift can even reduce or eliminate the tax your estate has to pay. To find out more please visit:

Can I leave a gift to support a particular area of National Garden Scheme’s work?
The advantage of an unrestricted donation is that it will allow us to put your gift to the best possible use at the time we receive it, whenever that might be. However, if you are interested in supporting a specific area of our work, please contact us to discuss what might be possible [].

What are the key details I will need to include National Garden Scheme in my will?
If you would like to include the National Garden Scheme in your will, please ask your legal adviser to include our full name and the following details to make sure the gift reaches us:

National Garden Scheme, a charity registered in England and Wales, charity number 1112664. Registered office: The National Garden Scheme, East Wing Hatchlands Park, East Clandon, Guildford, Surrey, GU4 7RT

Should I tell you about my gift?
A will is a very personal thing so you absolutely don’t have to tell us about your decision, but we would love to have the opportunity to say thank you and keep in touch with you about our work. If you have already taken the decision to leave a gift in your will to the National Garden Scheme you can let us know here [pledgers form]

What if I change my mind?
We understand that circumstances sometimes change, so you can change your mind about making a gift in your will at any time. You’re under no obligation, even if you’ve told us about your decision.

How do I find a legal professional?
You can find a solicitor through the Law Society. Or if you would like to find a solicitor who’s a specialist in wills and probate, you can visit the Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. To find a professional will writer, visit the Institute of Professional Will Writers or the Society of Professional Will Writers.

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