Treloar’s is the UK’s leading centre for severely disabled children and young people.  Around 170 children and young people, aged between 2 and 25 years, attend the School and College. The focus is on students’ abilities rather than their disabilities and helping them to work towards a future that is as independent as possible.

Over the last few years there has been a steady increase in the complexity of students who attend Treloar’s – today, nearly 98% of students are reliant on wheelchairs, over 69% use assisted speech technology to communicate and 35% have little movement of their limbs.  With this arises the need to upgrade some of the areas on the campus to meet their very complex needs.   This includes an incredible new Outdoor Learning Centre which will complement other onsite outdoor learning facilities and offer more vocational learning opportunities and therapeutic benefits for students.


Tony Reid, Chief Executive of Treloar Trust, said:

“We are simply delighted to have been selected by National Garden Scheme as one of their Health Beneficiary charities in 2019.  The funding from this partnership will go towards an incredible new Outdoor Learning Centre for the young people with complex disabilities who come to Treloar School and College to live and learn.  This Centre will focus on horticulture, animal husbandry and science activities and has been specially designed to motivate learning, teach life skills and benefit students’ health and wellbeing.  We are incredibly grateful and would like to thank National Garden Scheme and all its supporters for helping to provide this amazing new learning opportunity for our students.”

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