Hospice UK
The National Garden Scheme has supported Hospice UK (formerly Help the Hospices) since  1996, donating over £4.5 million for hospice care. Over the years, funding from the National Garden Scheme has supported a variety of programmes.

Tracey Bleakley, Chief Executive of Hospice UK: “We are hugely grateful for the amazing support for hospice care shown by everyone at the National Garden Scheme (NGS) – the team at Hatchlands, county organisers and volunteers – and also to members of the public who visit these beautiful gardens.

“The funding from the NGS is vital to the sustainability of more than 200 hospices across the UK, and makes a lasting difference to terminally ill people and their families.

“We share the NGS’s vision of the valuable therapeutic benefits of gardens in promoting people’s physical and emotional wellbeing. Gardens have a very important role in hospice care, providing a beautiful and tranquil space for people with terminal and life-limiting conditions and their families to receive counselling, bereavement support, learn new skills or simply take time out for quiet reflection.

“We are incredibly proud to be a partner of the NGS during its 90th anniversary year.”

By visiting gardens all year round, visitors are helping to raise vital awareness of hospice care and make it available to more people in need and helping to connect hospice doctors and nurses across the country so that they can share their knowledge and skills. Visitors are helping Hospice UK to increase the reach of hospice care, so that it can be available to more people who are in need.

Hospice UK could not do this without the amazing support of the National Garden Scheme, from the county organisers and volunteers, to people like you who visit these beautiful gardens.

Hospice UK: who we are

We are your national charity for hospice care. Our vision is for hospice care to be there for every person in need.

Our services and projects transform the lives of the terminally ill and those who love them. We work with more than 200 local hospices across the country to support over 200,000 adults, children and babies with terminal and life-limiting conditions every year, as well as their families, carers and friends.

We ensure that doctors, nurses, social workers and thousands of volunteers have the training, funding and resources they need to provide the very best end of life care.

Why do we need support?

The chances are we all know someone who has been cared for by a hospice. It could be a colleague, a friend, or someone in our family.

Even at the end of our lives, we have hopes and aspirations. We want to be where we feel comfortable, do what brings us joy, and have those we love by our side. We want to be, despite everything, ourselves.

We know that hospice care can transform people’s lives. But today, one in four families in the UK who need hospice care can’t get it. That’s more than 100,000 people every year who are missing out.


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