The Garden in June

The Garden in June

Thu 01 Jun 2017

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Our photography competition is open throughout the whole summer, giving you plenty of opportunity to take photos in our brilliant gardens.

June is the month when people’s gardens are at their best, a cornucopia of flowers providing colour, scent and texture. If you are armed with a camera you are spoilt for choice so here is a short list of suggestions that might help you decide where to point the lens:

Everyone’s favourites that come in a staggering range, miniature, standard, small shrub, large shrub, climbing, rambling, modern, old-fashioned – you can’t beat them.

A favourite climber with an array of flowers, some as large as dinner plates, others tiny and dainty.

An enormous family of often brilliantly coloured flowers.

Confusingly there are two totally different types but they are equally good subjects for photos. The first are hardy geraniums which are an indispensable part of flower borders and cottage gardens; the second are pelargoniums, usually grown as house plants, in greenhouses, or in pots, they originate from South Africa, usually don’t survive outside in the British winter and come in shades of luxuriant red, purple and pink.

A flowering shrub that produces one of the most gorgeous scents of any summer flowering plants that evokes the lazy days of a British summer. Better known as Mock-Orange – as which it is captured in myriad soaps, colognes and candles, there are lots of different varieties of these shrubs, most have white flowers.


Photo – Clematis and Roses at Broughton Castle by Andrew Lawson