The Garden Gate is Open

The Garden Gate is Open

Thu 08 Jun 2017

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Julia Stafford Allen, a volunteer for the Norfolk branch, of the National Garden Scheme has taken on a challenge to visit 90 NGS gardens this year. Writing a blog about each garden, her aim is to encourage others to visit gardens; she explains ‘You don’t have to be an artist in order to enjoy an Art Gallery and likewise you don’t have to be a gardener to appreciate a garden.’

Beginning with Robinson College, Cambridge, on 2nd January she is approaching the halfway mark through her journey and is about to publish her 45th blog, the private Royal garden of Frogmore House, Windsor.

Louise and Heather of the National Garden Scheme welcome Julia to Frogmore

Her biggest challenge? “Oh setting up the website, 2-3 hours is the suggested time it takes, well convert that to days! Otherwise it has been fascinating, a huge variety of gardens, a unique collection of garden owners and I have learnt so much.”

There is no doubt that Garden visiting is good for you, however Julia is struggling with an expanding waistline from all the delicious home-made cakes she encounters!

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