Marie Curie highlights ‘The Good of Gardening’

Marie Curie highlights ‘The Good of Gardening’

Mon 02 Oct 2017

Our beneficiaries
The Good of Gardening

Marie Curie has been a beneficiary of the National Garden Scheme for 20 years, during that time we have donated over £8 million to help provide care and support for people living with a terminal illness, and their families.

We know that gardening is a relaxing activity and can be very therapeutic, which is why our partnership with Marie Curie, highlighting these effects, is so important. Read about Mark, Lisa and Sarah on the Marie Curie website, who have all found the goodness in gardening. 

What our Garden Owners say:

“Being in the fresh air and outside with nature, birds, etc around has a very calming and soothing effect and any worries are put aside.”

“My Garden allows me to switch off and relax. Being surrounded by beautiful plants and greenery calms the senses and being in touch with nature is good for the soul, which all helps well-being.”

“When I am anxious about things, gardening helps me to forget my worries and helps me to gain a sense of perspective. Just being outdoors in my beautiful garden has a healing effect.”