Edible Flowers Straight From Your Garden

Edible Flowers Straight From Your Garden

Tue 11 Jul 2017

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The most sought-after food trend this summer, edible flowers are back in demand! Flowers have been used for garnishing and cooking for hundreds of years and are a simple way to add a touch of colour and flavour to your dishes.

We’ve put together a list of a few of our favourite edible flowers commonly found in the garden…



Peppery Nasturtium flowers are ideal for adding a touch of spice to salads – not to mention a splash of colour with their bright red, orange and yellow petals. The leaves are also edible with a stronger, stronger mustard – like flavour.


Violas and Pansies

Not rich in flavour, but pretty nonetheless! Violas and pansies are a popular choice as a decorative addition to cakes, salads, pate and even sushi! (See the picture above).



Typically used as a garnish for salads, pasta sauces or fish dishes, chives have a mild onion flavour and are delightfully crunchy! The whole flower is somewhat stronger in taste, so make sure that when used for cooking, it is broken up into florets.



These bright blue flowers make a beautiful addition to drinks (commonly frozen into ice cubes) fruit salads or soups and of course your garden! Fairly mild, the petals have a cucumber taste.



Day lily petals are an excellent addition to salads, stir-fries and soups or cooked and served as a vegetable. The buds work well when sautéed and stuffed with any filling – try tofu or goats cheese.

Only the day lily (hemerocallis) can be eaten – do not eat other types of Lillium as they can be poisonous.



If you do fancy testing out a few recipes, make sure that you have accurately identified that the plants you are using are safe to eat. Different varieties of the same plant can actually be dangerous so check first before consuming. DO NOT eat anything that you are unsure of.

Be aware of the condition of the plants that you want to eat, and ensure that they haven’t been contaminated by animals or chemicals such as weed killer. Growing your own flowers is a great way to ensure you consume plants that are clean and pest free!


(Image credit Araminta Pender)