Second Annual National Garden Scheme Snowdrop Festival

Second Annual National Garden Scheme Snowdrop Festival

Tue 28 Feb 2017

On a wintry day in February there is possibly no better activity than being in a National Gardens Scheme garden surrounded by hundreds of flecks of white snowdrop heads, creating a carpet of glamour which is a spectacular sight to behold. In 2017 around 90 gardens will open for the second annual National Gardens Scheme (NGS) Snowdrop Festival, some with as many as 300 named varieties of snowdrops.

Many gardens open during the festival display a mix of snowdrops, hellebores and other early spring flowers, with the mix of colours making them beautiful to ‘galanthophiles’ and all. George Plumptre, Chief Executive of The National Gardens Scheme, says:

“During our first Snowdrop Festival in 2016 many of our garden owners were overwhelmed by the amount of visitors that attended their openings. Many remarked that visitors were perfectly happy to wrap up warm and brave the elements to see the stunning view of hundreds of snowdrops on display in a garden.”

“Whether you want to admire the different varieties of snowdrops or just have a walk in lovely surroundings, visiting a National Gardens Scheme garden in February will be the perfect escape.”

Visitors to Snowdrop Festival gardens will also have the benefit of knowing that their entrance fee is supporting wonderful causes; the NGS currently donates over £2.6 million annually to its nursing and caring beneficiary charities, which include Marie Curie and Parkinson’s UK.

Details of all NGS gardens opening for the Snowdrop Festival can be found on the NGS website: