21 Northchurch Terrace

Walled town garden (35ft x 75ft) with formal feel. Deep herbaceous borders stuffed with shrubs and perennials, pond, fruit trees, pergola and patio pots.

Pond with waterlilies, areas specifically for ferns and grasses, pergola covered with a grape vine and clematis.

This garden opens as part of De Beauvoir Gardens on Sunday 11 June.

Nancy Korman

Entrance down 4 steps. Might be difficult for those with llmited mobility but not impossible and a hand-rail is available.

How to find us

21 Northchurch Terrace, London, N1 4EB

garden entrance in de Beauvoir Road.

More about 21 Northchurch Terrace

This garden has areas of intense sunlight and deep shade and the planting attempts to take these factors into account. Some of the shrubs are new, filling holes left when trees died, others are in their prime. The garden has new additions every year as the owner is a plant-shopaholic.