By-Arrangement Gardens

By-Arrangement Gardens

Have you found the perfect garden using our garden finder only to realise that you’re busy on the open day? Well fear not, lots of our gardens are open ‘By-Arrangement’ too.


What is a By-Arrangement garden opening?

A garden that is open by-arrangement is a garden that will open for visitors on days that aren’t publicised. Whilst lots of our gardens have specific open days throughout the year many will also open by-arrangement.

How do I find By-Arrangement gardens?

First you need to search for a garden – put in your location and date range and press ‘Find A Garden’

Click on the ‘Advanced Filters’ tab that appears on the top right of the screen.

Select ‘By-arrangement’ and then ‘Filter’

You will then see a list of gardens open By-Arrangement that math your search criteria.

How do I organise a by-arrangement visit?

When you are on a garden profile page you will find contact details on the right hand side. You can use these to get in touch with the garden owner, and arrange a visit! It’s that easy.