Six Flower Mugs To Celebrate The National Gardens Scheme

Emma Bridgewater has created a  collection of mugs to celebrate and support the National Gardens Scheme.

Emma and her husband, Matthew Rice, have created six Half Pint Mugs, which cost £15.95 each and feature snowdrops, tulips, bluebells, daffodils, grape hyacinths and hellebores.  Each mug has helpful tips for planting the flowers on their base and is lovingly made by hand in a Victorian factory in Stoke-on-Trent, right in the heart of The Potteries.

Emma and Matthew, both keen gardeners themselves, are donating a proportion of the price of each mug to the charities supported by the scheme.

‘A beautiful garden is a magical place and we are incredibly lucky to have so many in Britain,’ says Matthew. ‘Apart from giving the public access to some of the most enchanting gardens in the world, The National Gardens Scheme raises a great deal of money for charities that help people who are ill. Emma and I have really enjoyed creating the new collection of mugs, which is based on spring and early summer flowers. Supporting the scheme in our own small way is the least we can do.’

All mugs are priced at £15.95.

Stockist details 020 7371 5489

Snowdrop MugTulip MugBluebell MugDaffodil Mug

Grape Hyacinth MugHellebore Mug

Emma Bridgewater

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