NGS Partnership

NGS Partnership

The National Gardens Scheme (NGS) are delighted to announce that we are teaming up with GardenTags and Perennial to promote all the fantastic gardens we open for charity and to create a wider community of NGS enthusiasts.

We are encouraging the garden-loving public to get involved, download the app, and help to raise the profile of both Perennial's and the NGS' charitable work whilst joining a community of like-minded gardeners around the world.

Perennial is the only charity dedicated to helping horticulturalists and their families, providing them with what is often described as a lifeline when times get tough. The NGS have supported Perennial for over thirty years, helping horticulturalists whose lives have reached crisis point. We're excited to announce this partnership today to help promote the wonderful work Perennial does.

What is GardenTags?

Put simply, GardenTags is a free social network for gardeners with a user powered gardening encyclopedia that helps you manage your collection of plants. They're an inclusive community and welcome gardeners of all experience levels from budding novices to gardening professionals. Every day there is a wealth of planting inspiration and knowledge shared to help us all grow well, together.

GardenTags, the NGS and Perennial are passionate about gardening and the impact it has on peoples' lives. This is the reason GardenTags was set up; they believe in the power of a passionate gardening community and their ability to help nurture and inspire those new to gardening. Over time the novice gardeners of today will become the experienced gardeners of tomorrow as those skills are transferred.

To get started right away with GardenTags click here to see their excellent guide to getting set up on the app.

What's in it for gardeners involved with the NGS and Perennial?

Gardeners will get access to a new audience of over 50,000 people passionate about all things gardening who are sharing gardening tips and advice. If you open a garden for the NGS, setting up a profile on GardenTags is a great way to promote your garden openings but more than that, it's a brilliant way for people who visit your garden to follow its progress throughout the year and build excitement for a return visit the following year. At the same time by sharing your passion for gardening on the app you'll be inspiring and nurturing a new generation of gardeners.

You'll also be able to follow and communicate with other gardeners involved with the NGS and Perennial, like Geoff Stonebanks of Driftwood garden. Lots of members also use GardenTags as a way to get handy planting tips and advice from fellow gardeners as sometimes we all need a little helping hand.

Join a growing community

NGS gardens are already using the app and reaping the benefits. Geoff Stonebanks has been opening his garden Driftwood for the NGS since 2011 and has raised over £75,000 in doing so. Geoff is using the app on a daily basis to inspire other GardenTags users with his seaside garden. He uses the app as a way to communicate special events at his garden and members are also able to follow it throughout the year when it's not open to the public. Geoff is great at telling the story of Driftwood and how he is supporting the NGS and MacMillan. We strongly recommend that you follow @driftwood in the app and just in case you need a little more persuasion, here's what Geoff has to say about GardenTags:

 "Since joining GardenTags, with a degree of scepticism I hasten to add, I'm absolutely amazed at the wonderful interaction I've since had with like-minded gardeners in this country and across the world. It has certainly brought my garden to a wider audience and it's so incredible to get such lovely comments from others about what I have achieved and to know that they are inspired, through the images I post, to replicate some of my ideas in their own plots. I cannot recommend the "app" enough for others to engage with!"

Grow well, together

The partnership will raise awareness of the National Gardens Scheme and Perennial's charitable impact amongst a targeted and fast growing audience of gardeners, leading to greater exposure for our gardens and beneficiaries alike. Become a GardenTags member today and join an online community sharing knowledge and inspiration to grow well, together.    

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